About Us

Dirty sidewalks are an ongoing problem. Keeping our sidewalks clean is as simple as keeping them swept. Cleaner sidewalks equals a better environment, allows for better public safety, keeps our animal friends and pets safe, helps keeps our sewers and drains clean.

Better Environment

By removing trash and hazardous materials from our sidewalks we are able to prevent more trash and and pollutants from finding their way into our oceans.

Public Safety

By keeping debris, trash and hazardous materials off of our sidewalks able to provide pedestrians with safer access. Keeps our animal friends and pets safe, trash often involves food wrappers or materials that resemble food which animals are attracted to. Poses a health hazard for animal life as diseases and death can be result of swallowing rotten food or bottle cap (plastics). Let’s make sure all living things continue to be a part of our ecosystem. Keep our sewers and drains clean - maintaining clean sidewalks helps keeps storm run off at bay. Pollutants from trash and other waste finds their way into our sewers increasing exposure to hazards. San Francisco infrastructure is unable to manage it.