Why Made In Matters #MadeInMatters

You know that feeling you get when you look in the mirror and you think to yourself, "Damn... I'm killin' this outfit today...." You know? Those mornings when you really should be able to high-five yourself because you look that on point. 


You put so much effort into how you look, but have you ever thought about where these pieces actually come from?

You should, it's kind of a big deal actually....   

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world right now.  The new boots you HAD to have could be contributing to the destruction of the environment.  From overseas shipping to poorly run factories, the effects are disastrous.


Who's Making Your Clothes? 

Did you know that some companies still perpetrate slavery and beyond that, have no regards against child slavery? We're not talking about some photograph from 1919 of a small child working away at a sewing machine, this is happening right now. And even though it may be happening in some country you may never visit, if you're not paying attention, the blood, sweat, and tears of cheap labor will be lingering in your closet.  Many companies like to keep these nasty facts under wraps for obvious reasons.

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Cheap labor is hard to come by and the line of ethics has become more than a bit blurred.


Where Are Your Clothes Made?

If They Don't Know, How Could You? 

Outsourcing products takes money out of the local economy. It’s rare to find an economy that couldn’t use a little stimulation right now, and products made elsewhere can really hurt that. Have you ever noticed that a lot of companies won't disclose information about where their brand is made? Often times, it's because they don’t really know. They’ve outsourced their product and turned a blind eye with a “whatever it takes” attitude. And I get it... I really do... but just because that is the easier road, doesn't mean it's the right one. 



You Look Cute, But Ignorance Is Not. 

A lack of information can be a dangerous tipping point. Not knowing where the cotton for your fabric comes from or what resources have been used to harvest these items can lead to over-harvesting and the destruction of farmland.

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So yeah, you look cute. But ignorance is not. Becoming educated on your favorite brand will only continue to do good in the world. If the brand in question doesn’t readily supply this information, ask.  Challenge them to do better. If they aren’t ready to be transparent with their loyal consumers, then maybe it’s time you start shopping elsewhere.



Not to brag, but... yeah, we'll brag... we know where every item we sell is made. Every. Single. One.  Read more on our blog: An Inside look at how our tunics are made!

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