These Moms are Winning Halloween

You can still have fun on Halloween, even if you are a mom now.

Check out how these moms are killin it by getting creative, buzzed, and scaring the crap out of kids this Halloween.  (Bonus: Scroll to the bottom for an adult trick-or-treat drinking game) 


Just had a baby? It's all good...
This mom just put on all black which is basically all you want to wear post-baby anyway... just make a dollar sign, stick it to the baby, and poof! You have a bank robber costume to do trick-or-treating in that is slimming and easy.  See the Instagram post here. 


This mom is like really really excited about breastfeeding...
And hey, if that's your thing, you may as well flaunt it! To get into the Halloween spirit, she made a breastfeeding pumpkin... pump included. 
See the Facebook post here. 


This mom isn't letting the kids have all the fun on Halloween. 
This prank was good for a scream and a laugh, without causing any PTSD symptoms.  



And now it's your turn to win Halloween! Try this handing-out-candy drinking game while the kids are out trick-or-treating...
But beware, you might get tipsy... so be sure not to make any regrettable decisions, like eating all the candy. And as a friendly reminder, always proceed with caution when pairing booze with a game designed to get you hammered.

Take a drink when...

1. The kids complain about your candy selection


2. You encounter obnoxious parents


3. Teens who aren't in costume come to your door


4. Adult trick-or-treaters beg you for candy


5. The doorbell rings when you're in the bathroom


6. You see a Pennywise costume (this one might make you really drunk this year) 


7. You have to open up a new bag of candy. 


8. You catch someone stealing candy. 



That should be enough to get you into the HalloWin spirit. Don't forget to chug some water... after all, you're not a college kid anymore. :)  


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