You Don't Need a New Year's Resolution - Here's Why

Okay, so we really aren't trying to be Debbie Downers about the whole
New Year's Resolution thing... really... hear us out.

You don't need a New Year's resolution

Nearly half (45%) of all American's made a New Year's Resolution this year, most of which had something to do with weight loss. Out of those resolvers, only 8% will be successful in achieving their New Year's goals and 1/3 will have given up by the end of January.

That's a whole lot of people walking around beating themselves up over something they probably only kinda sorta wanted to stop doing anyway. And if any of those guilty down-on-themselves folks are also single... well... that makes for a pretty depressing Valentine's season, right? The point is, life's too dang short to spend the first few months of every year riding on the guilt train. And beyond that, goals are great and they definitely serve a purpose, but shouldn't they exist already in your everyday life? If you think about it, you can probably list some attainable and realistic resolutions that you've set for yourself personally and perhaps professionally; and you already do this all year long. You meet those goals and you feel great, and it's a positive experience. 

If you're still not picking up what we're throwing down here... let's take a look at this list inspired by to help you determine if you really need a New Year's resoluton.

If you can check off more than two items on this list, then you've pretty much got your life together and don't need to jack around with this resolution business.

1. You still have your job after your work Holiday party.

Image: NBC

2. You actively seek out credible news sources rather than relying on Facebook for your updates on the events of the world

3. You wash your hair more than once a month.

4.Your gym membership is real and not just something you say you have to fit in with the cool mom's.

5. You don't actually have a gym membership BUT you own your anti-gym lifestyle.

6. Your fridge contains at least one green vegetable.


7. You make an effort to see your friends that live in the parts of town you typically avoid.

8. You've read a book in the last year... a real book.

9. You make playdates with parents you don't even like because it's good for the kids.

10. You only roll your eyes when the parent's of your kids friends that you don't like aren't looking.

Image: NBC

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