May the Force be with you this Winter Break

Playing with Holiday gifts can entertain the kids for about… What? Like half a day, right? So, then what do you do? With nothing but time, cabin fever can set in quick and let's be honest, there's not enough wine in the world to keep your patience from running out when hearing the sentence "Mom, I'm bored." 755 times a day.

To help keep the sanity this winter break, we put together this list of 5 family-friendly activities to get you out of the house for some fun.


There's this little movie called Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening today, you've probably heard of it, unless, of course, you've locked yourself in a room without tv, radio, or (gasp) social media. This sci-fi action classic remake is rated PG-13, so for those of you with older kids, this is the perfect movie to share with them. If you're on the fence about whether or not this is appropriate for the entire family, check out this article from which weighs all of the pros and cons for you. 
Star Wars The Force Awakens

We also love the new Peanuts movie which came out last month. This one is good for kids ages 4 and up, and we can personally guarantee that even adults will enjoy the good silly fun that this movie offers. 
Peanuts Movie

Check out this list for all of the family friendly movies coming out during the winter break.

Wear the Kate tunic with a pair of sneakers for a comfortable and cute movie going outfit. 


If you live somewhere with snow, get outside and go sledding or build a snowman...if you're feeling brave, maybe even have a snowball fight. This one is free and easy. 
The Simpsons Gif

Bundle up in the Sarah Tunic for a warm winter style. 


If you need a change of scenery, head to the skating rink, take the family bowling, or have some fun playing games at an arcade.
Vintage Family Bowling Ad

Pair the Caddie Tunic with jeans and sneakers for a fun and flexible outfit. 


If you’re looking for something free that requires little effort, jump in the car and take a tour of all of the best (and tackiest) holiday lights in your city. With a little help from Google, you can find the best light displays in your city, like this one we found for New York City on the website.
Tacky Christmas Lights


In case there are any hot cocoa spills, make sure to put your little one in the Taylor Toddler Tunic, it's machine washable!



There are always fun (and cheap) things to do in the community, especially during this time of the year. In the Bay area? Find San Francisco local activities here.
Winter Wonderland San Francisco


For a classic cool weather look, wear the Reilly Tunic when out and about. 


Need more ideas? Try out one of these 31 ideas we found on the blog.

  1. Donate. Before or after new toys make it into your house make a few piles and chose what to donate , throw away or keep.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt outside.
  3. Make some ornaments for the tree inside.
  4. Make bird feeders for your trees outside.
  5. Bowl with your family and knock them down.
  6. Have a book festival .
  7. Go for a hike .
  8. Turn your playroom into a grocery store , toy store or coffee shop.
  9. Toss an egg off your porch and learn while doing it.
  10. Read some banned books .
  11. Work off some energy in your own boot camp.
  12. Go on an alphabet hunt.
  13. Play hide and seek.
  14. Make a snowman outside.
  15. Make a snowman inside.
  16. Go on a photo safari and write a book about your neighborhood.
  17. Get messy .
  18. Make a mural .
  19. Pretend to be a veterinarian , a scientist , or even an elf.
  20. Play with your food .
  21. Make your own constellation.
  22. Make a volcano without too much mess!
  23. Have an ice cream taste test.
  24. Start a journal.
  25. Match up some mustaches.
  26. Draw and design your own cards ( maybe thank you cards for holiday gifts?! )
  27. Measure with Legos
  28. Bring some snow inside and find out what part of your house is the coolest.
  29. Turn your train table into a winter wonderland.
  30. Get creative with loose parts .
  31. Make your own art retrospective , host a kid gallery show and look back at all the art you created this year.



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