The Chic Girl's Guide to Comfy Style

Comfort is key, especially when it’s freezing outside.
Chic Girl's Guide to Comy Style
Looking to revamp your closet for the cozy winter months? We have a guide that's just for you! Here's your step-by-step instructions to a comfy chic future… until Spring anyway.
Step One
Go to your closet… yes, right now... Okay, now pull out every uncomfortable piece of clothing you own and bag it all up. Don't worry… we're not going to make you donate it or throw it away… unless you are really committed to this new comfy way of life...then go for it! Just get it out of your sight so you can focus on the comfy clothes you actually want to wear.
Step Two
If you're going to buy new clothes, buy high quality clothing that will actually last! Look for fabric that isn't too thin, feels good to the touch and features double seams. These 3 elements will help your tunic or dress drape incredibly well on your body. A great fit featuring high quality fabric defines comfort.
Chic and Comfortable Style
Step Three
Bigger and baggier may not always be a winner. We tend to associate comfort with oversized clothing, but you don't want to sacrifice style for the sake of comfort. Skip sloppy and instead pick clothes that skim your body but don't cling to it for comfortable and chic looks.
How to look chic and be comfortable
Step Four
Even the most Plain Jane outfit can be transformed by a sassy scarf, a stylish handbag, or gold dangle necklace. Whatever your favorite accessory is, don't leave it behind when winterizing your closet for the cozy winter months.
How to accessorize for winter
Step Five
For some of us, wearing heels is the definition of uncomfortable. If you fall into this category, you're in luck! There are tons of stylish flats, boots, sneakers, and low chunky heels to choose from this season.
Shoe Trends Winter 2016
Step Six
It's freezing when you wake up… so you put layers on. The sun comes out in the afternoon... A layer or two comes off. Temps drop on your way home… okay, you get the picture. We all know the nightmare that comes with the unstable temperatures. Time to dress accordingly. Limit the buttons, hooks, and snaps… and think hard about how much you really want to wear that collared shirt. If you can't pull it on and off without cursing at it, maybe you shouldn't wear it. Not right now, anyway.
Step Seven
We all tend to eat a little more during the holidays. Don't cut off circulation to your lower-half just because you had that extra slice of pie at grandmas. Wear boyfriend jeans that are made with a little more room, or if you want to dress up your look, pick skinny jeans with LOTS of stretch in them.
Stretchy jeans and comfortable and stylish
Step Eight
Skip the high-maintenance clothing. It's already dark when you leave work, do you really think you're going to make that extra stop to the dry-cleaners? Not likely. Go for machine-washable items. Our tunics are all high-quality and machine-washable, even our toddler tunics.
machine-washable clothes for women and children
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