5 Ethical Fashion Bloggers to Follow

Our Favorite Ethical Fashion Bloggers

 When LES MATIN was launched, we committed our brand to knowing how our clothes are made, where they are made, and knowing the people making them.  

Why #MadeInMatters 
Who Made My Clothes? | Local Sourcing for the Community and the Environment

We are about making quality tunics while paying attention to what matters: fabric, fit, construction, and sustainability with an emphasis on the ethics of how the clothes are made and manufactured. We support and admire people who have the same values as us and spreading their words about ethical fashion is just one small way to say 'thank you' to the pioneers in this space.




There is something so unique and special about ethical fashion bloggers - their complete fairness and transparency is often rare in this world of paid Insta-endorcements that reading their blogs is as informative as it is refreshing. When it comes to seeking advice and inspiration for a lifestyle change, these 5 bloggers are our favorite trustworthy Internet friends: 


Simple and beautiful. This blog does a really great job of showcasing fashion that is ethically made and beautifully put together along with helpful style tips and her take on current trends. @caroline_joy

The Curious Button

Here you can find great articles on ethical fashion and a Resource Library which includes an Ethical Brands Directory. @curious_button

Birds of a Thread

This blog is full of vintage inspired fashion made ethically... and who doesn't love that? Jacqui does a great job of showcasing socially responsible ways of doing everything from wedding dress shopping to upcycling your wardrobe. @BirdsofaThread

 The American Edit

As an American Made and manufactured brand, we love to see blogs that celebrate not only ethical fashion, but brands that are made right here in the USA. This is a great place to start if you are wanting to learn about ethical fashion and find locally made brand. If you're into podcasts, this site produces some great content for you to listen to as well. @theamericanedit

Moral Fibres

Moral Fibres covers all aspects of sustainable living. The Moral Fibres blog is a hip one-stop shop for all of your eco-friendly lifestyle inspirations. @moralfibres



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